aTs Jewelry Collections

Explore some examples of aTs Jewelry created with various polymer clay & metal techniques.

Tie-Dyed Lion Collection
Penn Staters: Blue & white jewelry done with the Mokume Gane technique using a cat paw imprint. Each piece is unique.
Herlocker’s Mustard Collection
Jewelry to complement
your fav mustard-gold outfit.

Created using slices of a polymer clay cane, randomly positioned atop a slab. In some items, I combined that slab with the tie-dyed lion veneer.

Black Rose Moon Glow Collection
Black Rose Collection’s white areas
glow in the dark.
Blue & White Natasha Bead
Freestyle Collection
You’ll find pearls and lapis stones
in this collection.
Coral Hibiscus Collection
Designed to coordinate with
two of my favorite summer tops.
I love turquoise. Do you?
Chartreuse Watermelon Collection
Multicolored Calico Embroidery Collection
Here’s the slab, before it was cut.
Rich blue, black, emerald green with pearl polka dots.
Sold Out
USN Vogel Veneer Collection
Pink pearlized imprinted with
turquoise and delicate greens.
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