All-consuming Moving

Hey there. My name is Ann Taylor-Schmidt. I draw, paint, photograph and design and teach art. Since the summer of 2016, my husband and I have planned, scrutinized details, communicated, drawn, plotted, talked-over and generally obsessed about building our house and moving. By July 1, 2017, we were moving the big furniture and I had been shuttling endless carloads of boxes the only-one mile distance between old and new houses. We love our new house and have so much work to do yet in it, but it is starting to feel more sane now and comfortable. I will have more and more time to blog with you and show you my art as the dust settles here.

In January, I retired from a graphic-communications arts career and my lifelong dream of living my fine art can now come true, once all the moving dust settles and it can’t settle tooooo fast for me. Excruciatingly slowly, I clear boxes from my new studio floor in the new house and then bring more from the old; unearthing my years of drawings, prints and paintings and finally giving them the respect they deserve. (Although I did have stints when I ran Pennsylvania art studios, one in Bellefonte and one in Mechanicsburg along the way.)

This spring, I picked up a few hours of art teaching at the Art Alliance in Lemont, PA, teaching drawing from nature, and I’ve increased my fine art photography excursions throughout my local areas in the last few months.

I started this blog to showcase my work and haven’t had many minutes to fill it yet. I’ve collected many of my images of my work and started to create a folder of images to upload here. So, stay tuned for a mini-gallery of my work to whet your appetite for fine art. I hope you like them and consider buying some for your walls and world.


Stay tuned for more Ann Taylor-Schmidt artworks.


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