Unplug and replug into nature.

Nature has a frequency that replenishes, not a high-pitched digital hum, but one that coordinates with our own, is part of our own. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the “oversoul,” something that connects us all. It feeds your wellbeing.

Centred Outdoors is encouraging us to tune into this with guided walks at various beautiful outdoor locations in the Central Pennsylvania region. They asked me to supplement four of these guided walks with a wellness activity.

I will be offering a nature journaling activity, with which you will take some time alone with a tree. I call it “Leaf Me Alone!”

Giving yourself time to really focus on a leaf and its tree, by reporting about it onto paper, using drawing, numbers, tracing, and rubbings. This will be a form of meditation. Especially if drawing is not fluent for you, you will use a different part of your brain and push other thoughts out of your mind. You’ll form questions about the leaf as you work. You’ll begin a process of discovery.

After you spend time with the tree, you will take some time to write your questions about the leaf/tree and perhaps about your life. You can begin a process of downloading thoughts to paper.

I will introduce you to this method, showing you some of my nature journal examples. I’ll guide you in the process, but as much of it as possible is very private and totally up to you how much you share with me or others. It’s all about you and nature, exploring nature and your own nature.

For these journal pages, I looked at an entire scene of the edge of the woods and picked out plants and trees that interested me, that piqued my curiosity. I drew a bit. I wrote a bit. Then, I colored some areas. Next, on the left-hand page, I wrote three questions. Later, I looked for some answers, and recorded them. I enjoy discovery and it enlivens my mind. My Centred Outdoors activity will be simplified for you, based on this exercise.

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